August 2010

Paul’s going to Gdansk, Poland this month to visit family and friends.

Paul’s traveling overseas this month to Gdansk, Poland to visit family and friends, studying the art and culture of his roots. Video footage is being taken to help capture Paul’s experience as plans are to make a neat liittle trailer. These videos will not only be humerous personal clips, but he has also been invited to sit in with a few Polish prog-rock groups so check back soon as there will be some soon-to-be uploaded video clips from his experience.

Also, bonus video clips will feature some video from the road with Kill Hannah during the Smashing Pumpkins tour and some snippets at Bam Margera’s house.

Drum on!
“I guess Poland loves their music too, haha”

~Paul Wandtke

Paul Wandtke interviews legendary drummer Rod Morgenstein (Winger, Dixie Dregs, Jordan Rudess project) for Sick Drummer Magazine!