January 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope everyone’s New Year was well spent and awesome. My New Year was spent playing jazz, latin, and rock repertoire in the middle of the Pacific which was fun and kind of a surreal/weird experience if you ask me.

Anyway, there’s new photos in the media/pic section as two separate shoots were taken.

2011 Chicago rooftop shoot courtesy of Danielle Michelle Photography. Special thanks to Greg C. of KH for letting us borrow his roof.

2011 fall forest shoot courtesy of S.Y.F.T.S. Productions.

And be sure to check out my blog about my current gig: Paul Wandtke’s brief story of life on the waters and islands of Hawaii thus far.

Also in the works is footage to follow up for the month of February detailing what my current gig is like, so stay tuned with me all here at www.paulwandtke.com.

Have fun/rock!
~Paul Wandtke