March 2011

Paul’s hitting the road w/ Parabelle.

Hey there,

Whoa, time flies when your having fun!

Man, what a humbling feeling getting to do what you love and aspire to do. I’ve had the opportunity to get to play almost every night w/ all expense paid travels and salary to and from L.A./Hawaii for four months. The stories and memories from this gig will stay with me forever as I’ve learned a lot about myself both on drum set and personally. Who knew drumming would have brought me this far to the seas of beautiful Hawaii?

I can’t believe I’ve been especially fortunate to stay busy too. There really hasn’t been any down time for myself the past two years. For instance, who knew I’d pick up this awesome Hawaii gig sequentially right after a national main support run for the Smashing Pumpkins w/ Kill Hannah. Now, literally as I compose this blog, I have 14-15 songs to prepare for a tour that starts in April with a killer band called Parabelle. This band features Kevin Matisyn the former lead singer of Evans Blue and a couple members of the band Neverset.

I’m so stoked to get back out and tour again. It’s such a different environment being out on the road compared to ships. It’s a lot more demanding physically and mentally on the road but it’s worth it cause it’s all on your own terms. No tie, no tux, no lead sheets, just pure original music. The tour dates are on my tour page so hopefully you get a sec to review them and mark your calendar if we are near your town or city.

Be sure to check out Parabelle’s music at:

Don’t forget to purchase their new album Reassembling the Icons on Itunes as well.

See you from the road dudes and dude-ets,

~Paul Wandtke