September 2012

PaulE is heading to Rekjavik, Iceland!

Here’s a pic of PaulE at his work place of music, and he made a
nice mini-blog for it too READ ABOUT IT peoples:

(PICTURE ABOVE IS ME AT MY LATE NITE WORKSPACE I call it, Paule’s castle, what’s the hastle? jk that’s some stupid phrase another vagabond musician made up)

Hey everyone,

I’m treating my current gig like a record label that’s funding my original music project and my music craft. Having 110 % focus on music is probably the best thing for me if I want to be the musician I want to be in



It’s been tuff this gig, I mean if all I cared about was drums then it’d be a piece of cake but all my spare time is devoted to my other areas of musicianship.

Here’s what my day was like today and how most of them operate if not in port.

10:30am wake up, go to the gym.

11am-12pm “mandatory rehearsal” for an act I’ve never performed with usually 10-20 charts to sight read, for a vocalist, string or pianist and we play the set on the day of.

Break to grab lunch which is actually my breakfast.

2pm-4pm of free “practice time” I usually grab my axe and work on technical and theory things, night time is creative time.

4:30- 5:30 Another mandatory rehearsal for another show for another vocalist, string or pianist depends on what guest entertainers are on board. Other days we do production shows, with music of broadway and motown classics.

grab dinner.

Showtime 6:30pm Tonite was a show for a comedian that sang 10 songs.

7:30-9pm free time to practice, today I worked on certain and different types of vocal techniques.

9pm sound check.

9:45-10:45 Show #2 of the night with a great virtuoso violinist from Austrailia

RIGHT AFTER THE SHOW we always have to perform dance parties from 11PM to 1AM and sometimes till 2am.

Then usually from 2am till 4am, I work on my own original music for my original project

Do you call this living the dream, or barely living? I’ve been to over 45 countries now which is nice.

This is the first cruise gig that I’ve had to work this much but hey my salary is 3,#00 so I shouldn’t really complain or should I? and yes I put an # in case any musician I work with sees this. So they don’t know my actual amount, not good to know each others salary; creates drama.

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