February 2013

P@ulE launches his own original music project called Dead Original. This project features P@ulE as the primary vocalist and songwriter. Check out his Modern Drummer blog where he talks about Dead Original.
Dead Original- Crazy About You “Official Music Video” 

I want Dead Original to be the staple of who I am. I feel there have been a lot of nameless artists over the past two decades, it’s my hope to develop a sound and band that is all it’s own. A band that uses and plays real instruments and doesn’t rely on beat machines, backing tracks ect ect. I feel like there’s been a void since the 90’s of good passionate rock. So far what I’ve released are simply demo songs, I’m currently trying to let my circle of people know that I am in fact serious about this project. It’s my hope to get Dead Original to a national touring level; I would love nothing more than to write inspiring music and to have the opportunity to travel the world doing it. I come from a blue collar family and so I have been using all of my work for hire drumming profits to help launch DEAD ORIGINAL. Please support by sharing my debut music video and by giving a like to my new artist/facebook page at http://facebook.com/paulemusic