April 2012

Berklee College of Music mentions Paul Wandtke’s most recent touring/endorsements on their website. Check it out Here! (scroll down to 2009).


What an honor to be listed on Berklee.edu in their alum notes section for their issue of Berklee Today. Berklee Today is a physical magazine and I can’t believe such a mention was received. Thanks so much to the staff at Berklee College of Music.

Drum on,
~Paul Wandtke

Click this link to be directed to the mention and scroll down to 2009.

January 2012

Paul’s post NAMM Anaheim, CA 2012 experience

Words from Paul:

"Happy belated New Years! I guess that’s what happens when your running around parts of the world like Dubai, or Norway etc, etc because you forget to say stuff like this in the technology/computer box world. Attending Namm was awe inspiring, my media assistant is in the works of helping me TELL my ‘STORY’, so all this crazy stuff will be uploaded very soon but for now here’s a cool clip of myself w/ Vinnie Paul saying ‘Hell Yeah’:

I said he changed my life and he said ‘Hell Yeah.’

"I’m left with a whirlwind of emotions and inspiration after this convention. Stay tuned and come back soon to read my mini-blog "Confessions of Rocker part 2" as I talk about my upbringing being a very sad kid thinking I couldn’t do anything with my life, then one day it all turned around……………after an unexpected life threatening event. I’m by no means anywhere where I wanna be in life, but I CAN tell you this; I’M ON THE RIGHT PATH and I’M LOVING IT."

Peace and be cool and be sure to come back for my crazy story.

~Paul Wandtke
Let’s make 2012 a killer year!

October 2011

October Studio Update

In the midst of touring last year, Boston based shred guitarist Dean Cascione asked if I could track drums for his upcoming E.P. so I tracked drums at Porcupine recording studios in Chandler, AZ clients at Porcupine have included Johnny Depp, George Benson, Esteban, etc, etc.

I just wanna give a personal thanks to Dean Casione for letting me be a part of his new E.P. "Neoclassical Fire" which was released June 27th, 2011.

Order a copy of it today for only $10.00

In other news, I’m happy to announce, that I’ve started my own independent music project where I sing/songwrite everything. It’s called Dead Original and you can purchase my first single ‘Save Me’ on CDBaby! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/deadoriginalpaule2 soon to be on Itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon etc, etc.

Yes, this is a project that’s not all drums and I track, write, sing everything under the stage name PaulE. Plans are to continue this as a studio project and to release a studio album sometime next year or the following. If all goes well, then I might do some showcases where I play guitar and sing with a live band, but until then………..

I’ve realized in the industry that some of the best drummers are not just drummers and alongside being educators, most are songwriters and/or producers of some sort. I starting writing a few years back sparingly but lately it’s become a new venture and something I look forward to in addition to drumming.

Songwriting has really opened up my concept of "playing for the song" not only for my project but for any other musical setting because now, I’m always thinking of how my drums can really support the vocals, bass, gtr etc, etc and overall feel of the song.

Stay tuned and keep informed with my original project at www.facebook.com/DeadOriginal.

Here’s a nice little lyric video for my new single ‘Save Me’.