Music Lessons w/ Paul Wandtke in Chicago

Paul Wandtke teaches the fundamentals and basics that every beginning music student should be aware of.

Paul teaches guitar, piano and drums at his private music studio at 345 N Loomis St. Chicago, IL

Paul also teaches online and offers the option to travel to a student’s home. All serious inquires please email

Paul Wandtke on Evans Drum Heads

Paul understands that each and every one of his students are unique, and has their own goals and passions for drumming. Therefore, Paul personally customizes each and every one of his student’s lesson plans, so that each student can reach their highest potential, but due to time constraints a lesson with Paul at the Music Garage should be geared towards students seeking a one time supplemental lesson.

Teaching Overview

Hand-technique, foot-technique, various reading studies, independence studies, odd meters and most importantly the concept of “groove” for all styles of music.

Lesson Rates

It’s best to sign up for monthly pre-paid lessons for a significant discount and to guarantee a consistent lesson schedule.

First time trial lesson is free.

Monthly rates:

30 min: $35
45 min: $45
60 min: $55

One month of 30 min lessons (one lesson per week) $35 per 30 min

One month of 1 hr lessons (one lesson per week) $55 per hour

For more info about lessons and location, email Paul at

Payment methods:


“It’s better to practice something than nothing, but it’s also better to practice with a particular goal in mind”
-Paul Wandtke

P@ulE Rock of Ages Drum Cam Reel 2

Drum/percussion Teaching History

Paul has been teaching private drum/percussion lessons for over 10 years and is a lesson contributor for Modern Drummer and Sick Drummer Magazine where he submits transcribed original lesson plans. Other Sick Drummer contributing artists include but are not limited to: Chris Pennie (Coheed and Cambria), Derek Roddy (Serphants Rise/Traumedy), Tim Yeung (Vital Remains/Divine Heresy), Sein Reinert (Cynic/Aeon Spoke), Bobby Jarzombek (Rob Halford/Spastic Ink), George Kollias (NILE), Mike Smith (Suffocation) and many more reputable drummers.


Paul attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music and he received his Associates in Percussion from Joliet Junior College, which is an accredited school of NASM. Paul is featured on Joliet Junior College’s website here.

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