Live Pics from the Kill Hannah Tour w/ Smashing Pumpkins

Best after party during the tour in Tampa, FL

1st night at Bam Margera’s house. Note to self: don’t be the first one to fall asleep.
Note to Novak: I got my eye on you!

Now I know who did this at Bam Margera’s……….you will pay for this haha. JK

Metro show. Benefit for Mattew Leone with Smashing Pumpkins.
Paul’s first show ever at the Metro and it was huge! Three news stations were there etc, etc.

Dan Wiese and Greg Corner (Most think that it was their honey moon or something).

Hard Rock Hotel, Chicago.

Headlining gig at Bam Margera’s venue the Note.

Live in Tampa.

Metro sign.

Mike Byrne and I backstage at the Metro benefit concert.

My favorite pic cause my hair is flying.

Poster from a cd signing.

Selling merch.

Sound check.

Tampa, FL.

Whoa dude!