Studio Work

Paul Wandtke is a very hardworking/diligent musician that will do his best to help your project or band reach its highest potential, whether it be in the studio or live performance; Paul’s the man for the job.

For more information or to schedule a session, contact Paul at

Here are just a few highlights of what Paul Wandtke can offer your band or project:

  • The ability to perform live or in the studio with a metronome/click track. Paul Wandtke can easily create/ program (via Pro Tools or Nuendo) custom tempo maps or loops for songs that contain a wide variety of tempo changes.
  • The ability to read music. If your project requires a lead sheet or a very detailed sheet of drum music/ notation; then Paul’s the man for the job. He always delivers excellent musicianship in these cases by really bringing the music to life by giving the performance what it needs; authenticity. He can also shift in and out of odd time signatures as if it’s 4/4.
  • Improvisation. Paul Wandtke can easily perform and be creative with musicians that love to improvise on the spot.