Writing new music for Dead Original

Hey everyone! I’m stoked to say that I’m hard at work on new material with my grunge infused project deadoriginal.com Last year I finally released the first album digitally that was produced and tracked at my home studio and I even tracked all of the instruments (vocals, drums, guitar) minus bass guitar. It was so much work and boom; I’m at it again! No announcements yet on new material, but in the mean time stream the first album here or via deadoriginal.com IMG_0735



I’m now a freelance engineer and producer at Gremlen Studios


For anyone interested in remote or in person session work, I’m now a freelance engineer/producer at Gremlen studios in Aurora, IL (bookings by appointment)

-Tracking, mixing, mastering services (these services can be outsourced depending on the clients needs)

Contact me via email (click here) 

I would say my strengths are drums/songwriting/melody writing and more, see below:

I can offer a solo artist/band:

-Live acoustic drums  via some of the most high end musical gear from Tama drums, Meinl Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Vic Firth sticks and more @humesandberg keeps them safe, thanks Mike!

-Help produce a demo song into a fully produced commercial track

-The ability to program drums for any music genre using industry standard sample libraries from  Native Instruments, Slate Audio and more.

Check out my recent work with my bands Bedlem BedlemOfficial.com (metal) and Dead Original deadoriginal.com (rock)

Engineering/producing/musicianship skills:

Music styles: rock, metal, punk
Basic groove skills in world music such as Latin, Jazz, New Orleans & more

Skills in arrangement/songwriting/melody writing/beat making (both live drums and programmed drums including percussion instruments)

Drum transcription work via Sibelius and Musescore

Music theory knowledge and business knowledge via studying music at Berklee College of Music and Joliet Junior College

Vocal editing skills via Melodyne, Waves Reel Tune and more.

Drummed for famous acts such as Trivium, Kill Hannah & even the musicals ‘Rock of Ages’ and ‘Burn the Floor’

Current  producer/songwriter for my own projects Dead Original, Bedlem
12+ years teaching drums