August 2013

P@ulE is currently drumming for the hit musical Rock of Ages and P@ulE has been utilizing all his Rock of Ages free time; writing an album for his original Chicago based band Dead Original (Be sure to read check out P@ulE’s Rock of Ages blog right here on this site).

“I’m an artist on a budget, so why not I thought, I’ll use the Rock of Ages kit for this one and yes I’m “trying” to pull a Dave Grohl here cause I’m writing all the stuff and will be rocking an axe and singing live, wish me luck! ~ P@ulE

Dead Original is a music project started by P@ulE which in his eyes is based on a music concept of going back to the basics; using real instruments and not many effects. What you hear is what you get drums, gtr, bass and vocals. The drums are not sound replaced and the instruments are all played by real musicians.

The recording of Never Come Back features P@ulE playing all of the instruments but the live band consists of Kevin DeWitt (guitar), Mike Shimon (bass/back up vocals), Justin Bromley (drums) and myself (vocals/guitar). The plans are to work together on a cohesive album and further develop our image and sound whilst preparing for shows around Chicago.

Check out these two videos:

Never Come Back- Dead Original w/ real drums

P@ulE tracking drums for his song Never Come Back using the same kit he’s currently using in the hit musical Rock of Ages

FREE DOWNLOAD: Never Come Back

April 2013

Be sure to check out the May 2013 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine as it contains an article that Paul wrote called Live Drum Soloing which can be found in their Education/Rock Perspectives section.May2013_Cover

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