If You Can’t Join Them, Start Your Own Party

Paul Wandtke’s new band Bedlem have released their debut single ‘Triumph’

https://youtu.be/PscqMGIyP60Bedlem's single is out now

“I got my hands and feet wet in the songwriting process for this song with my guys in Bedlem. I contributed the vocal melodies, rearrangement/revision of the lyrics, the chorus chord progression and the drums (obviously). I hope you dig our new song and join me in this new journey! Special thanks to everyone that was involved in this including but not limited to Jennifer Langille for contributing the second verse lyrics, Brian Wandtke for his graphic design, and mu guys in Bedlem Joey Brassal, Mike PetrasekPetrasek, and Brian Ahern, funny thing is we all went to highschool and middle school together; go figure” – Paul Wandtke

Bedlem’s debut single ‘Triumph’ featuring Paul Wandtke (Trivium’s former touring powerhouse). Purchase ‘Triumph’ now via Itunes, Amazon, and more. Call your local radio stations and request ‘Triumph’ and don’t forget to subscribe to BEDLEM’s newletter via BedlemOfficial.com for show info, new releases, merch and more.

“ Triumph” Written/produced by Paul Wandtke and Joe Brassal
Lyrics by Mike Petrasek and Paul Wandtke
© 2017 Liberty of Congress (SYTFS productions)
additional lyrics provided by lyricist Jenn Langille

I guess the rumors were true

Paul Wandtke (Trivium’s former “touring powerhouse”) has a launched a new band in Chicago called Bedlem, their debut single “Triumph” will be released in February. Visit www.bedlemofficial.com for more info

Footage of Paul Wandtke tracking drums at Uptown Studios in Chicago, IL for his own original project Bedlem.

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“Bedlem has been a project that I’ve been in the development stage for the past six years with my good old best friends from high school. After working with Trivium the past year, taking the world stage with them has been EYE OPENING AND JAW DROPPING for me. Some of the festivals we rocked were Graspop Metal Meeting (over 100,000 people), KNOTFEST, Louder than Life, Rock on the Range and more. I feel so inspired to finally release Bedlem. It’s like, “Bedlem begins” haha meaning the chaos begins because that’s what Bedlem actually means but spelled with an ‘a’ in replacement of the second e originally called Bethlehem for the first mental hospital. We actually came up with the name 10 years ago (when we were kids in middle school playing dive bars) but we didn’t actually start writing in professional studios until about 6 years in the midst of all my work for hire drumming duties like ROCK OF AGES, Kill Hannah, Parabelle (original Evans Blue’s vocalist), The Sammus Theory and more. I hope you get to check out our debut single which is being released in February. This current single features a bombastic display of sick riffs by my best bud Joe Brassal, and contains tons of groove power with some slightly progressive elements. Rhythmically the song starts in 11/4, the second phrases of the verse contain some 3 over 4 motifs created by the displacement of the cymbals and the song ends with some nice grouping of 5s. Vocally we have Mike Petrasek my good old buddy that has a significant tenor range but with a nice rasp and powerful sustaining voice. Obviously we are going commercial but it’s still gonna be metal and it’s gonna kick ass” ~ Paul Wandtke