March 2012

Paul Wandtke aka (PaulE) recently went to the studio to track a drum cover of the song Too Loud by Island Def Jam artist WAX.

Too Loud is the latest new single from Wax’s mixtape “Eviction Notice”
Original beat Produced by EOM.

Words from Paul:

“I fell in love with this song when I heard it post NAMM so I was like, ‘ DUDE, can I get the original session to tear up some improv/live drums?’ and Mike (WAX) was like, ‘cool man.’
~Paul Wandtke

Performance Notes:

I never really dabbled with Hip Hop but this song was super fun and I think my rock/metal influences added some spice with complimenting the lyrics of this song. I hope you dig this performance of me tracking at Planet 10 studios in Palatine, IL.

Special thanks to Mike Jones (WAX) for permission to use the original session and special thanks to Jimmy at Planet 10 for getting killer live drum sounds via this beautiful Trick drum set. What you hear is all natural drum sounds! I did the final mixing by adding simple compression and reverb. You’ll mostly notice that quantization wasn’t used as I don’t fall in to the pocket until the first verse; oooops but hey it’s live, it’s real, feel it.

Also find out why Paul uses 5B EXtremes @ Vic Firth at or better yet:

For hiring Paul for sessions/tours visit or contact a representative at Planet 10 studios @ ask for Jimmy.